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Warm, fluid beats getting joined by hard-hitting ones with a glittering synth backdrop and amidst it all shine Carly Shea‘s bright and beautiful vocals. Carly Shea’s new single and video “Forever” offer a joyful and comforting vibe, brimming with all the good feelings and times you wish would last “forever”. Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine a place where you would love to be right now. Any place. How does it look like? Would there be sunshine? We asked Carly, who like us lives in New York City, to tell us a bit more about the video and how it all came together:

“Forever'” came about through daydreaming and escapism. The melody came to my mind after coming across a still of a kid voguing to a vaporwave video– very random, but for some reason that image caused me to imagine this distant pastel world in which you could disappear with someone. The song sat on my desktop for a while with no intentions of making a video, that is, until I met @rivirrs. I took a last minute cheap solo trip to Amsterdam for my birthday and ended up spending the day running around Amsterdam with this new friend. I left that trip with clips of us in thrift stores, coffee shops, dark alleyways. I came across @downsfilms work shortly after and he brought the story to life, melding vintage footage of Amsterdam with my own adventure. The video reminds me that life doesn’t have to be routine 100% of the time. That it’s okay to act on your daydreams.”

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