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Artist Bio

Downs is a meticulous freelance video artist that collaborates with music producers from around the world to create visually stunning content. Downs has been editing videos since 2009, and filming since 2012. Since then he has surpassed over 1 million video views (through various projects and platforms) and over 70 million gif views. Downs specializes in syncing sounds with sights and transforming footage to flow with experimental music. He loves to experiment with altered and outdated technology to add psychedelic effects within his creative process. He is sought out for his niche-style of combining footage with music in a way where both mediums compliment one another. Since a young age Downs has been visually obsessed and would often annoy family members by watching the same VHS tapes repeatedly. They use visual art as a way to communicate feelings and as an emotional outlet. Downs likes to let the art speak for itself, often leaving visual context scarce as to let the viewer interpret the work on their own.

He hails from Massachusetts, USA, and is looking forward to directing music videos and creating unique art installations.

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